In the media:
Beyond the Fabric has been featured in the Asian CorrespondentAMES NewsThe Vocal and as one of Swinburne University of Technology's top present picks for the holiday season. We were also invited to speak to 75 year 9 students at Williamstown High School about the inspiration behind BTF.

A gift from Swinburne Uni:
200 high-school career counsellors at Swinburne University's Career Counselling day were each given a Beyond the Fabric voucher to buy a pair of pants or clutch! 

Swinburne Vouchers

Markets Galore:
We had market stalls at That Great Market in Sydney, The Co-Ground Artist's Market and Swinburne Uni Open Day in Melbourne. Happy shoppers had the opportunity to Skype with Kalsoom and share a smile.

Co-Ground Artist's Market
MYAN Conference:
250 attendees at MYAN National Conference at University of Melbourne were given a conference tote bag, handmade by the women behind Beyond the Fabric. We have been truly touched that you reached out to us to be a part of your wonderful conference.

MYAN National Conference

Kalsoom presents:
This year, Kalsoom Jaffari (the inspiration behind BTF) was invited to speak at Antje Mißbach's book launch in front of 150 esteemed guests and at the Australian Independent School to staff and students, in Jakarta. Kalsoom shared stories of determination and friendship that brings the group together.

Kalsoom presents in Jakarta
Our visiting friends:
We love having local and international guests come and visit our classes. We had the pleasure of hosting the incredible Rahila Haidary and Social Work students from the University of Sydney who visited our sewing classes. If you are interested in visiting BTF in Indonesia, please get in touch!

"Thank you for your hospitality & sharing. Our lives are all the richer because of your courage & wisdom. We stand with you in solidarity." 
The Staff & Students at the University of Sydney

Rahila Haidary visits Beyond the Fabric
BTF class and visitors

Staff and students of University of Sydney visit Beyond the Fabric